Welcome to eFlight.Com!

eFlight.Com is creating an industry hub focused on accelerating the transition to Electric Aviation by enhancing the connections between aviation and technology industry leaders, university researchers, entrepreneurs, investors government laboratories and aviation regulatory bodies.

eFlight will host an annual, invitation only summit, where key stakeholders get together for 2 days, every year in beautiful Santa Barbara. During this summit stakeholders will learn about the latest advances in core technology, identify and establish partnerships on foundational initiatives required to move Electric Aviation a reality, and create cross-company collaborations to move the entire industry forward, faster.

The eFlight summit is supported by the eFlight.Com online community that enables the dissemination of news about advances and innovation in Electric Aviation, the identification and promotion of industry leaders in research, product, engineering, commercialization and regulatory affairs, the socialization of industry opportunities for Electric Aviation stakeholders, and media from companies and investors active in the creation of Electric Aviation.

We plan to launch eFlight.Com with a series of interviews with industry leaders who are pioneering the development and commercialization of Electric Aviation.

Success for eFlight.Com is defined as the establishment of a vibrant, secure social network that enables collaboration and relationship development between academia, professionals, companies, investors and government bodies playing a key role in the creation, acceleration, and commercialization of Electric Aviation.

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