Thursday, June 13, 2024


Achieve Carbon Free Flight by 2050


We Host an Exclusive Summit and Operate an Online Business Network Platform that enables Aviation, Technology, and Sustainable Aviation Fuel Industry Leaders accelerate the development of technologies, fuels and partnerships essential to achieve Carbon Free Flight by 2050.

The Team

The Evolutionary Flight (Eflight.Com) volunteer team is comprised of technology innovators who have founded and scaled several successful Software-As-A-Service companies.’s cloud-based secure collaboration and transaction platform enables sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) value chain stakeholders to discover, connect and transact with each other. Eflight.Com’s real world summit provides electric, hydrogen and hybrid aviation companies with an annual event where they can meet their peers, establish new business networks, create new partnerships, and develop projects that can accelerate the growth of their organizations. The ultimate goal of is to enable members to share knowledge and resources, resulting in faster technology development and commercialization, and Carbon Free Aviation by 2050.