Sunday, February 25, 2024
Fred Reid

SurfAir, Fred Reid – CEO

Tentative Interview Date: Coming Soon - Surf Air is a Los Angeles-based aviation marketplace that offers members access to private charter flights for a fixed monthly fee. Many Surf Air flights are operated by Advanced Air which flies a...
George Bye

Bye Aerospace, George Bye – CEO

Tentative Interview Date: Coming Soon - Bye Aerospace is an American aircraft manufacturer based in Englewood, Colorado. The company specializes in the design and manufacture of electric aircraft, including unmanned aircraft for geospatial role and light aircraft for the...
Spencer Gore

Impossible Aerospace, Spencer Gore – CEO

Tentative Interview Date: Coming Soon - Impossible Aerospace builds high performance electric aircraft that save lives. Founded in 2016 by former Tesla engineer Spencer Gore, the company unveiled its US-1 aircraft in 2018, unique for its long endurance and...
Ajay Misra

NASA, Ajay Mishra – Deputy Chief of Research and Engineering

Tentative Interview Date: Coming Soon - The National Aeronautics and Space Administration is an independent agency of the U.S. federal government responsible for the civilian space program, as well as aeronautics and space research. NASA was established in 1958,...
Kevin Noertker

Ampaire, Kevin Noertker – CEO

Tentative Interview Date: Coming Soon - Kevin Noertker and Cory Combs founded Ampaire in 2016 to pursue fundamental R&D on electric aircraft. Given the slow but steady pace of battery storage capability, the two recognized hybrid-electric propulsion to be...
Paul Eremenko

Universal Hydrogen, Paul Eremenko – CEO

Tentative Interview Date: Coming Soon - Founded in 2020 by green aviation veterans including Paul Eremenko, John-Paul Clarke, Jon Gordon, and Jason Chua, Universal Hydrogen takes a flexible, scalable, and capital-light approach to hydrogen logistics.
Steve Oldham

Carbon Engineering, Steve Oldham – CEO

Tentative Interview Date: Coming Soon - Carbon Engineering is a Canadian-based clean energy company focusing on the commercialization of Direct Air Capture technology that captures carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere. CE was founded more than a decade ago with...
Richard Browning

Gravity Industries, Richard Browning – Founder

Tentative Interview Date: Coming Soon - Founded back in 2017 by Richard Browning, Gravity has come a long way since its beginning. Based in Salisbury, Wiltshire, the English startup is escalating quickly, leveraging on its mission: ‘build an inspirational technology company by re-imagining the...